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Thursday 22 February 2018

Trencham Associates are independent specialists in vehicle tracking systems and telematics. Our systems provide automatic vehicle location, real-time vehicle tracking, data transfer and 2-way messaging between driver and back office. Vehicle tracking solutions range from the most basic vehicle location to fully integrated, high-end solutions.

As independent consultants, we will listen to you, establish your requirements and recommend a solution that meets your needs. We constantly research the market to identify the best tracking solutions available. Visit our websites for more information.

We have increased our productivity and lowered are fuel cost...

I would highly recommend this company and their services...

Key Messages

  • We use a unique consultative approach to completely meet your requirements
  • Our bespoke software capability means we can meet your specific reporting needs
  • We provide a range of options from industry leading suppliers (Cybit, TrakM8 SWIFT, TomTom WORK, SmarTrack & Road Angel Fleet), tailored by us to help you meet your business objectives and statutory requirements
  • Our solutions deliver increased productivity by identifying the best utilisation of your vehicle fleet
  • We reduce your fuel costs by providing the most cost effective routes for your drivers
  • We provide increased security for your drivers and enables you meet regulatory requirements for health & safety and working hours
  • Our solutions improve customer service through increased knowledge of vehicle movements to determine delivery timescales and can provide proof of delivery information

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